Individual Clients

Years of experience in legal counselling allowed us to prepare a customized offer tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services in:

  • civil law,
  • tax law,
  • real estate law,
  • inheritance law,
  • labor law,
  • copyright and intellectual property law,
  • consumer law,
  • administrative law.

Driven by the strive for the client’s comfort and success, we divided our services into four categories, depending on the client’s needs. Our services comprise:

  • one-time legal consultations,
  • litigation and court representation,
  • legal assessment,
  • full-time legal counselling.

Having in mind the comfort and success of the client, our lawyers thoroughly explain the legal situation, providing all relevant details, and seek the best possible solution.

Practice areas for individual clients include:

  • representation before courts and administrative bodies,
  • litigation,
  • appeals against administrative decisions, representation in administrative and legal-administrative proceedings,
  • drafting, assessment and negotiation of contracts, articles of association and bye-laws,
  • legal assistance in seeking compensation for real and personal damages,
  • legal assistance in the sale or purchase of real estate, as well as establishing its legal status.


Depending on the amount of work needed to provide quality services for the client, we carry out individual evaluation of a one-time service for each client separately.

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Our team of experienced attorneys provides top-tier services, approaching each case with flexibility and dedication in order to find the most effective solutions.

Equipped with expert knowledge and commitment to detail, we seek the best possible result for every client.

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