Corporate Clients

Relying on our experience gained through long-term cooperation with clients representing various industries, including construction, commerce, production, tourism, food, and many other, we have prepared an offer for entrepreneurs, companies, and other corporate entities in the areas of:

  • civil law,
  • commercial law,
  • tax law,
  • real estate law,
  • public procurement law,
  • labor and employment law,
  • copyright and intellectual property law,
  • administrative law.

Driven by the strive for the client’s comfort and success, we divided our services into four categories, depending on the client’s needs. Our services comprise:

  • one-time legal consultations,
  • litigation and court representation,
  • legal assessment,
  • full-time legal assistance, also at the client’s.

Our firm specializes in legal counselling for companies and other corporate entities. Our lawyers provide a wide spectrum of assistance, thoroughly explaining relevant legal provisions to our clients and guiding them, step by step, through any legal disputes.

Our practice areas:

  • legal counselling for commercial law companies and their bodies,
  • mergers, divisions, transformations of companies,
  • company liquidation and bankruptcy,
  • legal counselling in the establishment of companies, branch offices, foundations and associations,
  • drafting, assessment and negotiation of contracts, articles of association and bye-laws for commercial law companies,
  • legal opinions, including tax opinions,
  • representation before courts and administrative bodies,
  • debt recovery (default notice, settlement negotiations, representation before court and in enforcement proceedings),
  • representation and litigation before National Court Register,
  • appeals against administrative decisions, representation in administrative and legal-administrative proceedings.


We prepare an individual price offer for each client separately, whether for a one-time service or monthly service package, depending on the client’s needs, on a lump-sum or an hourly basis.

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Our team of experienced attorneys provides top-tier services, approaching each case with flexibility and dedication in order to find the most effective solutions.

Equipped with expert knowledge and commitment to detail, we seek the best possible result for every client.

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